Crispy Rice Cake - Strawberry & Mallow

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New Flavor! Your pantry’s new staple? Salted Maple Crispies! We took our ever-popular Crispy Rice Cakes and gave them a sweet and salty twist with real maple syrup and a dash of salt for the perfect mouthwatering combination. These crunchy, salty-sweet, pure maple crispies pack 20g of complex carbs to power every adventure in the tastiest way possible.

A problem we keep hearing from athletes is, “I don’t look forward to eating my energy food.” So we asked ourselves: What’s the best food for fueling that’s packed with energy but still easy to digest? That would be simple, high-quality rice. And what’s the best way to enjoy rice? As a crispy treat!

Treat yourself(!) to our Crispy Rice Cake Sport Fuel. It’s made with a blend of puffed rices and toasted grains, giving you energy-packed complex carbohydrates that feel light and digest easily, all held together by fluffy, heavenly marshmallow.

Each Crispy Rice Cake gives you 180-190 calories, enough to extend most athletes’ endurance efforts by an hour.